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Countdown To Liftoff!
On September 22, 2013, Photos To Space will launch the first Astro Corps flight to the edge of space. You can be a part of this historic adventure. Just upload your photo using the form below and follow along as we countdown to our first Astro Corps flight.

Who’s Flying On Such A Mission?Group_01_150
Three brave souls have been selected to fly on this historic mission: Gene, the plucky American; Yuri, the hot shot Ukrainian and Riley, a smart scientist from Australia. Each of our explorers has been dreaming of the day when they can go to space. But who are they? They come from different backgrounds but all bring a passion for space. Read More about them on the Astro Corps Bios page.

Learn More About The Flight.Space - The Future
What does it take to get to the edge of space? The team is flying on the ‘Away Mission’ vehicle. Flown by JP Aerospace, this craft is a well know and trusted design having flown numerous times before.

The vehicle should fly to almost 20 miles before the systems return it safely back home. Your photo will be kept safe with our Astro Corps crew during the entire flight.

Sign Up Today!

To get started on your adventure just pick a photo and fill out the flight form. You will receive an email welcoming you to the team.
Certificate of Flight
When the mission is over, we will look through the data and create certificates of participation including all of the details of your Astro Corps mission. We’ll include information such as how high the vehicle went, how fast it traveled and what the cameras saw during the flight.

Sign up today and experience the adventure!
Hurry. This flight closes on September 15th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

A SpacerGuild Activity
In addition to sending your photo, this flight earns you SpacerGuild points. More info about this wonderful program will be coming soon!

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