Survival Training

In the Northern Jungles of Strasburg, PA…

Our three Astro Corps Astronauts spent the last two days in training in the dense jungle area north of Strasburg, PA – our base of operations. It was a tough course but our eager team made it through. You can send your photo with them when they take off for the edge of space. Join the Astro Corps today!

survival_6_400Having just simulated an ‘off course’ landing, the team begins setting up camp until rescuers arrive.

survival_5_400Yuri is assessing the condition of their flight helmets. When a spacecraft goes off course, some times it gets to be a bumpy ride. The helmets need to function for backup communications if the main radio goes out.

survival_4_400Setting up is hard work but the team is doing great. Gene passed behind a plant just as this photo was taken. Drat!

survival_3_400The team considers cutting up the parachute to use as a shelter.

survival_2_400Kat and Yuri take stock of their supplies while Gene takes a short walk around the camp perimeter.

survival_1_400“Gene’s been gone a while, think we should go look for him?”

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