Welcome to the Astro-Corps!

Thank you for joining, and welcome to the AstroCorps!

You’ve taken your place among an elite group of participants with the drive and imagination to go beyond what most people are given the opportunity to experience.

But is it limited to a select few?

Not at all! We encourage you to let your friends and family know all about it, and to motivate them to join up as well.

So what happens now?

If you check your email, you’ll see that you’ve already received your first of many email updates from , the AstroCorps leader you selected, about the progress of the launch as your photo is prepared for its flight into space and back.

After it has returned safely to Earth, you’ll receive a certificate with the photo embedded in it as well as a record of the flight data (altitude, location, trajectory, etc.).

You’ll also receive a personalized email from your AstroCorps representative with news about further chances to return to space.

So again, welcome to the AstroCorps, and enjoy the ride!