And the winner is…

Well, the Blog Contest has come to a close after 2 months, time to announce the finalist.

And the winner is…


Sad to say, nobody has won the contest, because…well…nobody entered.

But all is not lost.

This serves as an excellent example of the commercial space field.

As the field continues to grow, it will become less and less a thing to sit back and watch, and more and more a field to get involved with yourself. NASA is not the only game in town anymore, so there will be all manner of ways you can get involved, and the payoff will be far greater than just having your blog entry posted on the internet.

Since the field is still very young but growing, getting involved now will make it easier for you to even steer the direction it grows in, as well as allow you to steer your own life in new directions.

You can be the leader instead of the one doing the following, though that can also be a good thing. Not everyone wants to be in charge, but if you’re reading this, odds are that you want to be part of it in some way.

The contest itself gave the chance for people to get their ideas out where others can read them, which is what this stage of commercial space is ready for. It needs new thoughts and concepts, and there’s a chance that yours are the ideas that will cause it to go that much further.

For example, just 2 days ago, Joe and I were talking about cooking in space. Granted, we’ve never tried it, but from what we’ve heard, the menu on the ISS isn’t exactly gourmet. So what would it be like to really cook in zero-g? Well, first off, how could that be done? Easy. We postulated something along the lines of an electric frying pan with a secured lid that could cook by convection and conduction at the same time.

Or simply spin part of the station to simulate gravity, but that would take a bit more doing.

In the end, that’s just one of many facets of life in space that will have to be addressed.

How can you address them?




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