Another farewell…

news-111413aEarth said goodbye to another of the Great Ones with the loss of Alexander Serebrov on November 12th, 2013.

An experienced cosmonaut with over a year spent in space, Serebrov passed away at his home in Moscow at the age of 69.

Though the 2 missions to Salyut 7 were cut short with various problems, his flights to Mir were more successful and included the demonstration of the IKAR, a device used to maneuver about outside a spacecraft.

Serebrov retired from the cosmonaut ranks in 1995 to serve as a spaceflight advisor to Boris Yeltsin. The recipient of an impressive list of awards, he leaves behind a wife and one child.

But as always, this is not the end. As with all explorers, his spirit will continue making new discoveries.



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