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Gearing Up For A New Year

We are getting ready for the new year at Photos To Space with a few contests coming, some new Valentine’s Day certificates and some new and exciting information. Stay tuned for details!


The First Photo

When we launch this rocket in April, it will be the culmination of years of work. It takes a lot of time and the right set of circumstances to do this sort of thing and make it work. I am glad to say that we have succeeded in that regard.

This is a very personal journey for me. My son Joshua, whom I lost to SIDS when he was just 6 weeks of age, is the biggest motivator for making this dream come true. To honor him, the first picture loaded on the storage unit will be his. I think it is only fitting.


Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse tonight was fantastic. I tried taking a few pictures but without my tripod, it was quite the challenge. I used a Nikon D40x camera with a 200mm lens to get some okay photos. It was set for manual focus and the shutter speed was over 2 seconds.


Photo Contest

We are starting to put together our first contest and we need your help. Each week we will post on our Facebook fan page all of the photos that have signed up (and given us permission to post them). We are asking you, our fans, to pick the best photos of the week. These winners will be posted on both our main website and the Facebook page. It is simple and fun. Get the recognition you crave for the best photo going to space. Sign up today!


Site Work

The site is live and running fine but there are still a few finer elements that we are working through. Some people cannot get to PayPal after filling out the form and we are working to fix that. It is amazing how complex it all is.

We are looking at simplifying the process further so that customers don’t have any struggles. We want you to enjoy Space and not have to learn to be a rocket scientist to have fun.

If you are having issues, please accept our apologies as we work these issues out.


The Photos To Space Team


We Are Making News!

Today we saw the first article about our company appear at AOL News. It was fun to do the interview and explain what we are doing and how we plan on doing it. May this be the first of many many more.



The team here at Photos to Space is busy gearing up for our launch in April. We’re excited to make Outer Space accessible to everyone at a price you can actually afford. This is our main focus starting out, but stick around because we’ve got some surprises hidden up our sleeves! We won’t give away the details just yet, but here’s a hint: the team will be assisting in the educational aspect of space travel and getting children involved in the excitement of a real rocket launch. Until that rolls out, check out the rest of the site for details of the April 12th launch. Be sure to check back often as we add new features to the site!

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