Captain Kirk ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Group_01_150Twelve days from now, on September 22nd, we’ll be celebrating the launch of the next Away Mission flight with JP Aerospace.

So what makes this particular flight so special?

Well, I’m glad I asked.

This flight will mark the first venture into space of the Astro Corps!

And what exactly is the Astro Corps?

The Astro Corps consists (for now) of Yuri, Riley (aka Kat), and Gene, our 3 intrepid, yet tiny, space voyagers! As well as watching over your photos during the flight as it ascends to about 20 miles, they will be taking measurements of the flight data and some photos of their own of the Earth from above before the return journey.

Even though the launch date is coming up fast, there is still time to submit your photo to ride along with them – just visit and fill out the form near the bottom of the page to share in their adventure!

Also, to get to know the Astro Corps crew, be sure to check out:

Don’t miss out on this historic flight!

And, as always…



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