Carnival of Space #390

Greetings and welcome to another exciting edition of the Carnival of Space. Winter is in full swing with snow in most parts of the Norther Hemisphere. So grab a warn beverage and a blanket. Then snuggle in for a some amazing reading.

Everyday Spacer starts off this weeks edition with a great offer for free eBooks. Just fill out their survey and take your pick of great science fiction books. Well worth the visit.

Next up we have the Flicker feed from the Lunar and Planetary Institute. They have added 10 press release images that are just amazing.

The Next Big Future has a trio of really great articles. The first covers the latest about the Google and Fidelity investments in SpaceX the latest SmallSat project from the forward thinking space company is very ambitious.

Their second article looks at China’s plan for a new Long March 9 capable of lifting over 130 tons to LEO.

The final entry from NBF discusses the SpaceX satellite program in more detail. This one looks at the time it will take for the system to become operational and what this might mean for a communications network for Mars.

The Chandra X-Ray Website is participating in the International Year of Light. As part of the celebration, they are releasing a host of new images.

Is the Milky Way a huge stable and navigable wormhole? Universe today discuses these possibilities in the first of two articles in this weeks Carnival.

For their second article Universe Today looks at what the new Mnemonic might need to be for the solar system.

We close the Carnival this week with an article from the Meridian Journal. Kepler has discovered three new superearths and they are very close (relatively speaking).

That’s it for the Carnival this week. Check back next time for more great articles from the news websites around the internet.



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