Carnival of Space 445-446

Greetings one and all to another round of the Carnival of Space. Grab a snack, a favorite beverage and proceed to read about our incredible universe!

First up is an entry from Ryan Marciniak about the techniques Astronomers use to map the heavens.

In this blog series, we will take a deeper look into the constellations that Astronomers use to map today’s night sky. We will look into the history of each of the 88 constellations and the stars and objects that form them, to discover more about our culture, and our connection with the universe. First up, Orion the hunter.

Next up The Brown Spaceman brings us a pair of articles. The first covers dark matter and what we know about it currently. The second article is a Q&A with a future astronaut.

What is dark matter and how much of our Milky Way is made up of it?

I ask 14 year old future Mars-walker Alyssa Carson some questions on her journey to becoming an astronaut.

We follow that set of articles with a look at making a Spectroscope from an iPhone.

Astroswanny has a brain explosion and tries to build a Spectroscope with an iPhone and …. hmmm finds it might actually work

Finally, we have a trio of great articles from the Chandra X-Ray blog. From new X-Ray observatories to recent discoveries there is a lot of good stuff to read.

New X-ray Observatory Comes Online

Surprise Discovery of X-ray Bright Supermassive Black Hole Jet in the Early Universe

Glow from the Big Bang Allows Discovery of Distant Black Hole Jet

That’s if for this edition of the Carnival of Space. Urban Astronomer covers the next edition. Until next time…



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