Carnival of Space No 415

With all the new information streaming from New Horizons, this week’s Carnival of Space is very nearly all about Pluto. All the other Major planets have had their time in the media spotlight. Now Pluto takes center stage.

We start with Stereo Moon’s look at Pluto: On Dr. Schenk’s 3D House of Satellites: Pluto!.

And then we follow that up with an article on Pluto’s size in Universe Today: Big Discovery from NASA’s New Horizons; Pluto is Biggest Kuiper Belt Body.

Let’s take a brief break from Pluto to check on the latest updates from a couple other planets in our solar system starting with Mars. Planetaria looks at possible evidence of tectonics on Mars: Curiosity finds first evidence for possible ‘continental crust’ on Mars.

The Venus Transit reminds us about the wonders of a little probe called Cassini that is still sending back images from Saturn: With all the attention on NH and Pluto it is a great time to compile a gallery of Cassini’s best photos from the first half of 2015

We now return to the frozen edge of our planetary system with an article from Doc Madhattan about how a renowned author had an influence of finding Pluto: The story of the Pluto’s discovery and the little role played by H.P. Lovecraft

When you are working long hours waiting for a space probe, some fun is bound to creep in. CosmoQuest writes about the antics that can happen when you have a long wait for something to happen: On Juky 14, with nothing to do but wait for New Horizons to call us back and let us know it’s ok, everyone seems to have developed a case of the creative and/or a case of the sillies. Enjoy.

Coloring the Universe has a trio of articles about Pluto that are all good reads:

Why Fly to Pluto?

How Was Pluto Discovered?

We have a two part special this week on from the blog of Kim Arcand & Megan Watzke on the cool science of bending light:

Bending Light Part 1

Bending Light Part 2

And wrapping up the Carnival this week is an article from the Chandra X-Ray Telescope Blog with their take on Pluto: Chandra Looks to Pluto.

That’s it for the Carnival this week Stay tuned for more great science articles when Links Through Space hosts. Until then, keep watching for more news on Pluto.



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