Carnival of Space No. 429

Welcome to the Carnival of Space, Episode 429. The Carnival is your weekly dose of space related material from around the web. This week sees a series of articles from Universe Today, Chandra, The Huffington Post and more. Onward to the Carnival!

First up we have a Spanish article from Vega 0.0 discussing the differences in elemental particles.

Not all elemental particles are equal. There are two classes: fermions and bosons. The article explains the differences between them. The article is written in Spanish.

Next, Universe Today brings us a trio of great articles:

Bio-Mimicry and Space Exploration

Stunning Triple Planetary Conjunction Pictures from Around the World

Boulder Extraction and Robotic Arm Mechanisms For NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Start Rigorous Testing at NASA Goddard

From the Huffington Post we have an article discussing aspects of light.

Light, the language for understanding our Universe

The Chandra Blog has a great write up on the strange physics happening at the edge of a black hole.

Destroyed Star Rains onto Black Hole, Winds Blow it Back

Finally we close out this week with an article at Planetaria about the Saturnian probe Cassini.

Sampling an alien ocean: Cassini prepares for deep dive through Enceladus’ geysers on Wednesday

Short, sweet, and filled with lots of valuable information on what is happening is space this week. Turn in next week for the next exciting Carnival of Space.