Carnival of Space No. 433

Welcome all to this edition of the Carnival of Space. here in the United States we are celebrating our Thanksgiving. This is a time of family, friends, good food and great news about space. So pull up a chair, grab a warm beverage and get an amazing start to the holiday season.

First up in this edition is Planetaria with a couple of great articles. The first covers the exoplanet discovery that could be a twin to Venus. They follow that up with an update on the Mars Curiosity rover as it prepares to study sand dunes.

GJ 1132b: nearest Earth-sized exoplanet discovered so far may be a ‘Venus twin’

NASA’s Curiosity rover approaching active Martian sand dunes after latest drilling completed

We follow that up with a look at an interesting analysis from Venus Trasnit of what the constellations looked like thousands of years ago.

Which stars Joseph saw in his famous dream? A new approach and interpretation to the biblical text

SpaceflightInsider brings an article about United Launch Alliance and their new contest for CubeSats.

ULA offers rides for university CubeSats.

And closing out this edition is a video from the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s YouTube channel.

Exploring the Birth of Rocky Planets: The InSight Mission to Mars. Planetary scientist Dr. Bruce Banerdt of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology discusses the science and engineering of the Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) mission to Mars.

Thanks for joining us on this week’s edition. Next week sees the Carnival hosted at Next Big Future. Until then, enjoy your week and relax this holiday.