Carnival of Space Number 341

Welcome to the Carnival of Space. Each week we explore the universe around us from Earth to the Moon and beyond. This week brings us many great and diverse articles from around the globe.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

First up we have a pair of articles from Universe Today discussing different aspects of Mars. One looks at the people daring to take a one way trip, the other looks at the evidence regarding a specific meteor impact.

Who Wants A One-Way Trip To Mars? Meet Three People Applying For Mars One

Experts Question Claim Tunguska Meteorite May Have Come from Mars

Moving on, we have a trifecta of space information provided by The Next Big Future. Two of the articles look at Escape Dynamics and their work. The third article looks at Elon Musk’s dream of getting to Mars.

Details on Escape Dynamics and their microwave power beaming approach to launching spacecraft single stage to orbit.

Escape Dynamics and their presentation at Google Solve for X.

Elon Musk describes his plans for a large Mars colonization rocket in about 2024. “Then we need to develop a much larger vehicle which would be sort of what I call a large colonial transport system. This would really be – we’re talking about rockets on a scale, a bigger scale than has ever been done before, that make the Apollo Moon rocket look small. And they would have to launch very frequently as well.”

There has been a lot of talk about water having once flowed on Mars. Rovers currently on the planet have discovered many places showing that water once flowed. The Meridian Journal looks at the evidence for water flowing on Mars right now.

New evidence for possible flowing water on Mars

Continuing the water theme, has a great article on the tantalizing evidence for water on worlds very far away.

Hubble Space Telescope observations have been used to find water on five different distant exoplanets

Despite the many advances in science and education, it seems some people still have trouble with basic facts. The Space Writer looks at some sobering facts.

TheSpacewriter asks how it is people don’t know Earth orbits the Sun?

The beauty of the night sky can be viewed by practically anyone, anywhere on this wonderful planet of ours. The web site Links Through Space brings a collection stories aout their clubs travels.

Follow our Astronomy club Toutatis in our travels through Cambodia. A series of 6 posts on 6 different topics related to Astronomy. Great posts and great pictures.

The concept of exploration is, as far as we can tell, a uniquely human trait. Kimberly Kowal Arcand of the Chandra X-ray Center brings us a blog entry showcasing student exploration.

The Clearwater Valley High School Library & Grangeville High School Library in Idaho hosted the Here, There & Everywhere exhibit for January 2014. Specifically focusing on how physics relates to our everyday world, the hands-on activities were the biggest hit with students and adults.

We close this week with a look out into deep space. Namely, how do we hope to get there? Photos To Space takes a reader suggestion and looks at the future of deep space transport.

What kind of starships will take us beyond the solar system? We take a look at some of the technology beinf developed to create engines that will drive future spacecraft.

The Carnival of Space is brought to you by a dedicated group of space enthusiasts. Check out previous issues and visit the host sites regularly. There is a lot going on in the Universe. The Carnival is a good way to keep up.

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