Conjunction Function

image_miniHave you ever had front-row seats to one of those once-in-a-lifetime shows or events?

Ok, so maybe it’s more frequent than “once in a lifetime” (about every 2 years), but on Sunday, May 26th, a 3-way conjunction of planets low in the western sky will reach its peak. They started appearing to come together in early May, with the culmination being on the 26th, after which they will start drifting apart once again, with the show finally ending in early June.

And it gets even better. The 3 planets that will appear to come together are also the 3 brightest planets when viewed from Earth – Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury (in order of magnitude).

In fact, together the planets will appear so bright that they will even be visible from some urban areas.

Will it be visible everywhere?

Well, not quite. If you live at the base of the Rockies (gee, who do we know of that lives there?), the mountains are likely to block your view. However, a relatively short drive to the East should make the event enjoyable for you as well.

With each passing year, it becomes more and more likely that we won’t just have to view other planets from a distance. Even the first manned voyage to Mars is being planned and is slated to occur less than 20 years from now.

So the question is, where will you be going in 20 years?



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