First contact

YSAWhen I came to work for Photos to Space, a little over a year ago, I honestly had no idea what I would be doing. I knew that Joe was already involved in it, and what the purpose of PtS is, but I didn’t know how I would fit in, or what I could offer.

At first, it was mostly research, gathering data, and doing some light proofreading. After a few weeks, though, he asked if I wanted to give some writing a try, to which I agreed, despite not knowing how well it would turn out.

It met with enough approval that we decided to start writing a book which eventually became ‘Out There’, which became available for sale back in August.

We wrote ‘Out There’ mostly with kids in mind, though we wanted it to appeal to all ages.

It didn’t occur to me that it would lead to any public speaking, but it did.

Last Friday (January 10th), I had the chance to speak to some youngsters at a private school in Colorado Springs. I had some time to prepare in advance, so Joe saw to it that I had a good supply of stickers and posters to give away, and had a few copies of ‘Out There’ to hand out as well.

I made sure that I had an outline of topics to go over, but once the talk began, the kids were so sharp that it soon turn very free-form, and the guide was mostly set aside. It became easiest just to listen to them and respond, letting them run the show. After all, this was about inspiring them, not just rambling at them.

Besides, I’ve always been far more inclined to listen than talk anyway.

In the end, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Naturally, some of the children were more interested in space than others, but everyone, including me, got something out of the experience.

Needless to say, there’s a good chance it won’t be the last time.

So what is it I really hope the kids got from it and will get in the talks to come?

A dream.


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