Four Leaf Clovers

four-leaf-cloverIrish legend states that a Four Leaf Clover brings luck, hope, and/or good fortune.

Ever looked closely at one? It couldn’t be more well-named. It has, conveniently enough, four leaves, and like other plants, sprouts these four leaves at the top of a stem.

There is a new kind of stem being talked about lately which also supports four amazing “leaves”, and still represents hope.

The STEM Initiative is a project designed to promote education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (hence STEM), especially for children.

This is becoming increasingly important. Let’s face it, education in general lately isn’t what it once was. Schools are falling behind. Ironically, though, technology isn’t slowing down in the slightest, and it’s highly dependent on science, engineering, and mathematics. It’s a symbiosis, much in the same way that plants, including four leaf clovers, are symbiotic with people.

And just because you breathe, you’re a part of it.

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