If it was easy, it would not be called rocket science.

Have you ever heard someone say “its not rocket science”? The reason for it is that many people associate rocket science with “difficult”. When you have thousands of parts and lots of procedures that have to work right every time things can and do go wrong. Today we got the word that while testing the rocket’s recovery system, a small glitch occured resulting in the damage of some of the flight hardware. While the test went well, this glitch will require some new hardware and testing by our launch provider.

In other words, we have a flight delay.

We spoke with UP Aerospace via email today and they said the test went well and was a success. However the harness used to lift the rocket caught some of the hardware and broke it. Ouch! These things do happen.

The new launch date is May 20th, 2011. It will take that long to get replacement hardware, integrate it into the rocket and test it before the flight can proceed. It is a bummer of an event, but these things do happen. Personally, it is better to have such things happen here on the ground than when the rocket is returning to Earth – rapidly.

The good news is the payload is loaded, balanced and ready to go. The bad news is that we all have to wait six more weeks before the flight happens.

We will keep you up to date on the flight progress. Stay tuned.


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