In silence, activity

Out-There-iPad-miniMany of you have probably noticed that our blog posts have becmome a bit less frequent than they were. This isn’t due to a decline of any kind, but is very much due to the hubbub related to the release of Out There.

In fact, Out There is taking off nicely, and Photos to Space has not slowed down in the slightest.

You may be thinking that writing Out There doesn’t sound like it would have been that difficult. Part of the process was relatively painless, other parts weren’t, but all of it was very time-consuming.

The first words were laid down back in January of this year, but sometimes things happen that cause projects to be set aside, and this was no different. There were about 2 months in which it didn’t progress at all – our attention was simply needed elsewhere.

Now, here is the wonder of the e-book. Work continued on it until, and this is not an exaggeration, about 10 minutes before the final form was sent to Amazon for release to the public. Before that point, and after the initial draft was completed, it went through no less than 11 proofing and editing passes before it was considered “Ready”.

So who did what?

Most of the initial draft was my doing. However, some of my first work was so unbearably dull that Joe ended up having to do nearly complete rewrites on one or two of the chapters. Fortunately, his style and mine are nearly identical.

One day while taking a break, though, I had put The Shining in the DVD player and found myself viewing the movie in a new way. It occurred to me that maybe the haunting of the Overlook wasn’t what drove Jack mad, it could easily have been the writing process. Not to worry, though, I didn’t end up chasing anyone around with an axe.

After that came the hard part, turning it over to the people who were there to save us from ourselves: the editors, Tracey, Pam, and Julia. Without them, we might as well have never started. Between the 3 of them, nearly all the bugs were worked out (finding them all is highly unlikely, even with 5 sets of eyes looking at something).

In the end, we learned that no one person can write a book on their own.

Does that mean that our first book will be our last?

Not by a long shot.

The 2nd edition of Out There is in the works now, and we’ll be starting on a brand new book very shortly, possibly even this week.

So stay tuned, and as always…


By the way, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, the full title is Out There: A Small Guide to a Big Universe and it’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Please be sure to review it after looking it over!


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