ISON, ice off!

ISON 2013Remember Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi? Can you believe we came to know them back in 1984?

If you remember them, and you also followed space news back then, as I did, then you probably remember Halley’s Comet when it passed “near” Earth 2 years later. Unfortunately, though, I never did actually see it with my own eyes, and came to consider that event as somewhat of a bust.

But good things come to those who wait.

Later this year, we’ll experience another pass by a comet, this one dubbed ISON 2013, and projections suggest it will be quite a bit more impressive than Halley, possibly appearing brighter than the Moon when it makes its closest pass to the Sun in November.

For now, it’s well inside the orbit of Jupiter, but not visible to the naked eye yet, but at about 47,000 MPH, which works out to just over 1.1 million miles per day, so it will only be a few months before we can get a good view of it from Earth.

Sounds like quite the spectacle, doesn’t it?



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