It doesn’t take a rocket scientist

A little over a week ago, I had a conversation with someone who said that he had some ideas for propulsion systems but thought his ideas to be useless because he’s (in his words) “not a rocket scientist”.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets here.

I’m not a rocket scientist either. Not even close. My background is mostly in the IT field, with some time spent in a few other endeavours, such as operating a crematory and managing a weapons shop for a while. I’ve never even flown a model rocket.

So what qualifies me to be writing, or even working at all, for an aerospace company?

Simple. The same thing that would qualify anyone else.

Now that the space field is becoming privatized, the most important trait needed to be a part of it is:


Wanting to be a part of it is more than enough qualification to do so.

Maybe you haven’t (as I haven’t) gained a degree in aeronautical engineering and aren’t in a position to design rockets. Maybe you haven’t gone to flight school and won’t be piloting a starship.

So what?

That’s not all there is.

Sometimes the most important contribution is simply to have an idea and voice it.

In other words…



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  • How right you are Steve!

    Out there is frontier country. We will need everything!

    Are you a sou chef? Great! Do you take photos? Great? Are you in law enforcement? We have none out there now. We need all of that and so much more!

    Before the USA was a country, it was the same thing – there was some land & resources. It was human effort, ingenuity and time that brought everything we have to life!

    If you want to go, make it known, declare your desires. The universe will respond.

    Pam Hoffman | | EverydaySpacer at gmail dot com

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