Know your place!

Jay Looking SkywardKids don’t stay kids forever, and progress, by nature, doesn’t stand still.

This is especially true of the commercial space field. NASA, as outstanding a job as it has done, is no longer the only outfit sending people off the planet. There are new companies being created on a weekly basis, some aimed at passenger travel, others at cargo delivery, and still others at ongoing research and development.

Given these advancements, the younger crowd is going to have opportunities that past and even many present generations simply haven’t had. And not all of them will even involve getting aboard a spacecraft.

It won’t be long at all before a multitude of new engineers, designers, technicians will be called on to steer the industry in new directions, and when that call comes, it will be aimed at the same people who are playing with Legos and studying their schoolbooks today.

So, young ones, where will you fit into the picture? Designing and building new ships, maybe? Or perhaps managing a team of flight controllers? Actually sitting in the pilot’s chair?

Any and all of these are within reach.



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