Let’s see what’s Out There!

Out ThereSo what is out there?

Well, Out There is out there. And it’s waiting for you in here.

After several months of seemingly endless editing, late nights, and lots of coffee, Photos to Space is very pleased to invite you to get Out There.

Our new book, ‘Out There: a Small Guide to a Big Universe’, is now available for Kindle on and, with Apple format for iOS soon to follow.

So what is it about?

It’s about us, and where we fit. It’s about the Universe we live in. It’s about some of those who led the way on our journey Out There, and some of those who follow.

But is it just for the super intelligent?

No. Just as it’s about everybody, it’s also for everybody. It explains the Universe in relation to what we see and do everyday.

Which Earth mountain is taller than Mt. Everest? That’s Out There.

How long it would take to drive to the nearest star? That’s also Out There.

What would it be like to go into a Black Hole? That’s Out There too.

And that’s not all. While it doesn’t cover everything (no book does), it covers some of the really neat phenomena and wonders that await us Out There.

But above all else, it’s about the…


Out There – A Small Guide To A Big Universe


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