Mars or Bust!

Astronaut Abby, from her Facebook page

Astronaut Abby, from her Facebook page

I sometimes think about my teenage years and the way I would pass the time, which was usually off at one friend’s house or another. Like most, I hadn’t really given much thought to what I would do with myself after school was done, I simply meandered, concerned mostly with things like the inevitable weekend parties, etc.

The younger crowd I know today, though that’s a small bunch, doesn’t seem to have changed much, the difference being that now they have video games and cell phones.

However, just as there was in my early years, there are exceptions.

Abigail Harrison is a great example of this.

Better known as “Astronaut Abby”, she is intending to be on the first manned Mars mission, and it looks like she just might succeed.

At 15, she will be serving as the Earth liaison to Luca Parmitano, one of Italy’s foremost astronauts and her mentor for the last 2 years, when he begins his rotation aboard the ISS. In fact, Abby currently has a fundraiser in progress to cover the costs of attending Parmitano’s launch from Kazakhstan.

And she’s not stopping there.

She is also very active in youth outreach, working with other kids to generate interest in space and science. While Parmitano will still be communicating through the ESA, he will also be speaking to kids through Abby.


Well, who would be better at talking to teenagers than another teenager, especially one who is already involved in space efforts?

And, as she is already doing, she is a great inspiration for others who want to…


For more information about Abby, visit:,, and

To make a donation for her trip to Kazakhsan and join her “crew”, visit


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