On Male Bonding, Philosophical Voids, and the Magnetosphere

AndromedaI would hope you read all of the blogs here.

Really, I would.

If you don’t, by all means, please start, we’d love that!

If you do, awesome! You probably saw the one back on December 17th of last year regarding “Bucket Lists” and the Auroras. For some time now, I’ve felt a need to see the Northern Lights for myself. No cameras, no videos, no online albums, just them and my own two eyes.

(In case you missed that one, it’s here:

Well, that was just 8 months ago, and it looks as if that’s going to happen.

In October, I, and hopefully 3 of my closest friends, will be gathering in Colorado to take a drive into Montana with the hopes of seeing them firsthand. As far as is known, none of us have seen them other than looking at photos.

I may yet be the only one able to go, but I hope not.

Bill, who I consider my best friend, and I have talked more than once about taking a road trip, just “because”, but after 29 years, it’s yet to occur. It would be great to finally be able to do that.

Joe, another close friend and business partner, who many of you know, has, just as I do, an interest in space and spatial phenomenon, and wants to see them just as much as I do. Given that, the trip just wouldn’t be as enjoyable without him. He and I both view it as a sort of spiritual journey.

Jeremy, who I’ve called a friend for 29 years as well, went to school with Bill and I. We had lost touch for a LONG time and, fortunately, have been able to catch up on the years in conversation. I met both him and Bill in the 8th grade.

While none of them are entirely sure they can make it, my fingers are most decidedly crossed that they all can. You have no idea how hard crossed fingers makes typing, but it’s worth the effort. I can only imagine the depth of the conversations that could result, none of us are much for talking without meaning.

So what’s the real reason I’m writing about this again?

I need to do it. On the innermost level possible, I have to do this. I can’t explain exactly why it’s necessary, but it is, more so than anything in recent memory. If I don’t, I feel like I might be…damaged…in some way.

Close Encounters“This means something. It’s important.” – Roy Neary, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977.

And what of the “Philosophical Void”?

Well, in the December 17th blog, I mentioned that this was the one consistent line on my “Bucket List”. That has changed since then. Seeing the Auroras is the ONLY thing on the list.

Once I see them (ok, if I see them), the list will then become a blank page. Nothing will remain.

So where do I go from there?

Do I develop a new list, or should I simply sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride, knowing that I’ve done all that I set out to do?

Might look like a simple question, but believe me, looking at it from this angle, it’s definitely not.

Maybe some new adventure will present itself.



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