Pick up those pens!

Space - The FutureSpace mining. Warp Drive. Transporters. Lightsabers.

For most, the first thing that comes to mind about these are movie props and plot devices. But did you know that all of the above are currently being developed in reality, and at least one already exists?

So is it a coincidence? No, it’s not.

While scientists are busy making such things a reality, the original concepts that are leading to these developments came from the minds of highly imaginative writers like Arthur C. Clarke and Gene Roddenberry.

And let’s face it, nobody loves turning science fiction into science fact more than, well, scientists.

So are scientists more important than writers? Not by a longshot. Both are very important to our future. Writers have the ideas, and scientists make them real.

So why not try it for yourself? Instead of picking up that game controller, or turning on the tv, why not pick up a pen, or maybe bring up the word processor on your laptop?

See where your imagination takes you, and the entire world may just come along for the ride.



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