R2D, Too

breadspaceWhat do we do when there is a task to perform in a place where humans can’t go?

We send a robot.

A robot is simply a device, usually controlled by a computer, that performs a specific task, usually mundane, repetitive, or hazardous. Chances are that there are robots in your home right now. An automatic bread maker is a good example.

Perhaps 2 of the best known and complex robots in use today are called Curiosity and Opportunity, robotic probes exploring the surface of Mars.

One of the aspects of automation that generates a large amount of confusion is the difference between a robot and an android. Simply put, an Android is a type of robot designed to mimic human appearance and behavior.

All androids are robots, not all robots are androids.

As private space ventures progress, the need for robots, and probably androids also, will continue to grow and need research, development, design, and engineering.

This too could be your future.



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