Say cheese!

imagesCAT8M76FSay cheese?

With the weather at least hypothetically getting warmer (it’s snowing in Colorado as I write this), we’re coming into the perfect time of year for rocket launches.

Which means that it’s the perfect time to get your cameras ready and get some pictures that you’d like to send into space!

What kinds of photos? You can send a photo of yourself, or someone else, or a pet, or anything you care to, for that matter, into space and back. You can even send a photo of someone you don’t like into space, just remember that it’s a round trip.

For only $6.95, the photo you choose can go into on a sub-orbital flight all the way into outer space and back.

Or, for only $1.49, your photo will go on a near-space flight to an altitude of about 20 miles before returning. Not quite into space, but still 3 times higher than most planes would fly.

Either way, you’ll even receive a record of the flight and a certificate with the photo on it.

Not to mention that there aren’t many other space collectibles you can get for $1.49, or even $6.95, and, as far as we can tell, this is the only one personalized for you.

And you can even give the experience as a gift! Imagine giving someone an adventure that they will remember for their entire life while not going bankrupt in the process.

So for only $6.95, you can venture all the way into space and back. In most places, that wouldn’t even pay for a taxicab ride around the block!

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