So why a photo?

PtS LogoI’ve been asked by many what the point is of sending a photo into space.

Simply put, it’s symbolic.

It’s a way for the “person on the street” to become part of the commercial space venture until going in person becomes more affordable, and believe me, that day is coming. In just another few years, those tickets may be no more than the cost of a flight from New York to California, especially as spaceflight becomes more common.

But for now, for right this moment, it’s still out of reach for most of us.

Now, some cultures believe that when a person’s photo is taken, some of that person’s essence then lives inside the photo. While this is sometimes seen as a negative, it can also be a positive. Looking at it that way, sending a photo of yourself, loved one or friend into space and back means that some part of yourself or them has gone into space and returned as well.

It also means that you shouldn’t limit yourself to sending just one picture. Nothing says you can’t send pictures of all of your friends and family. Don’t worry though, we’ll allow photos of enemies as well. Just remember that it’s a round trip; they’ll come back too.

So next time you dig out the family album, or you’re looking through the pictures on your computer or on Facebook, and you see some that stir fond memories, go ahead and take the next step: make that memory all the more powerful by sending that photo, and by extension that friend or loved one, on a trip that most won’t get to take.

As always, Dream!


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