Suppose for a moment…

The Stromboli Volcano, Sicily

The Stromboli Volcano, Sicily

that there was a sci-fi television show about an exploration starship and her crew made back in the 1960’s that flopped at the time after only 3 seasons but then gained a huge following which led to 3 spin-off series, several films, and a “reboot” about the early days of the crew consisting of 2 movies so far starting in 2009.

I know, I know…that’s just crazy talk! Never happen…

You know what would be even crazier? If the 2nd of the reboot films began with the crew of the ship trying to stop a volcano from destroying a primitive culture by starting a cold fusion reaction at the volcanic summit.

Of course it’s insane! But bear with me…

What would happen if such a device existed and was used?

I’m no volcanologist, but I can see a problem with this. The magma vent may be plugged, but the pressure driving the magma through it would still exist.

Either the solidified magma “cap” would be sent flying into the air, followed by liquid magma again, or, if the “plug” went deep enough into the vent, the entire volcano would be blown to bits.

So what would happen if the plug held and the mountain didn’t explode?

My guess would be that a large fault would open up due to the pressure remaining in the magma chamber causing the ground to open up, at which point the magma would start oozing out of the ground rather than the mouth of the volcano. There’d also be a good chance of tectonic shift so there would be an earthquake as well as the eruption.

Of course, if the ground opened up far enough, it would swallow the primitive culture’s village anyway.

At best, the destruction would just be delayed, possibly only by a few seconds.

But you know what they say about good intentions and the best laid plans, etc.

So how would you solve the problem and save the villagers?



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