The Danger in Advertising

The Groupon advertising ‘event’ that occurred during Superbowl XLV and the resulting fallout spotlights an issue that every company marketing products struggles with. We here at Photos To Space have looked at advertising the Photos to Space concept paused while figuring out what the best course of action should be.

Advertising is a creative process with restrictions. You want to be remembered, you want to drive traffic to your product or service and you want to walk that fine line that does not offend people. Let’s take a quick look at each of these.

First it has to have some way of getting the buyer’s attention. There are many models. The non sequitur used by Groupon is a good example. Like them or not the commercials are memorable. Tacky? Yes. Humorous? Depends on your perspective. Insensitive? Most likely. Do you remember them? Absolutely.

The accomplished the first goal but what about the second? You have to keep the advertising relevant to your target market. Many would say that Groupon missed the mark here. They are not the first and won’t be the last. In the end the commericals were memorable, but do you remember what Groupon does? If you aren’t already familiar with the product, the commercials do nothing to help further their cause – that being getting people to their website.

Trying to please everyone is the sure way to end up with a boring, forgotten ad. You need to set a direction and go with it. That being said, your concept should always be cross checked to make certain you are keeping it edgy but not going over the top. Groupon could have put a few more checks in their process to see just how bad the reaction will be.

In the end, good or bad, their advertising ploy worked if you think about it. The controversy that is surrounding Groupon has put them in the news and on the public’s mind. When the noise over this advertising fiasco dies down, will they be ahead of the game? I am betting they are.

While Photos To Space is looking at advertising, it is our sincere hope we never take it too far – and not be boring.


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