Trees just don’t grow in a vacuum

spacetreeSpace holds a lot of wonderous phenomena.

Trees, amazing as they are, aren’t among them. One might even go so far as to say that there’s no real place in space for things that would ordinarily be used to fell one.

Historically as well, and speaking of trees, males are most often thought of when it comes to lumberjacking, and also when most consider astronauts.

However, this has no resemblance to reality.

Astronauts, and I’m willing to bet lumberjacks, are both male and female. Neither gender possesses any unique traits that make it better suited to either job, much in the same way both men and women seek positions as lifeguards and firefighters. Men and women both have every right to explore space.

And so, Photos to Space encourages both males and females to take part in the exploration. Even if another aspect of commercial spaceflight, such as space mining or ground operations, is of more interest to you than tourism (even virtual tourism), we support completely learning all that you can about that aspect, and contributing all that you can in whatever way you see fit.

As private-sector space grows, there will be countless opportunities for learning. Colleges and Universities will be adapting to the growth as well, offering all-new programs in engineering, flight operations, and even navigation. Early ocean-based exploration utilized the stars to find their way; imagine using the stars while you’re among them.

As always, Dream!


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