We are not alone…

149454_585340718161966_2094698763_nWe are not alone…

It occured to me that the commerical space industry is organized somewhat like the Universe.

No, really!

Think about it…it’s full of individual galaxies, all with certain common traits, some drifting together, others apart, but all part of the same cosmos.

The difference, though, is that in commercial space, life in different “galaxies” is actively communicating with life in others. Let’s look at one of the “life forms” the folks at Photos to Space are in touch with.

Everyday Spacer was founded to show the “person on the street” what they can do to get involved in the commercial space industry today. Founded and operated by Pam Hoffman, who has extensive experience in the spaceflight field, Everyday Spacer has already amassed a list of over 100 activities that you can be a part of.

But suppose you know a youngster who’s just starting to develop an interest? No problem! Everyday Spacer can help people of any age with any amount of experience, and of any budget level.

So why not check it out today at You may just find the inspiration to create a “galaxy” of your own.

As Pam tells us, “It’s all about action!”




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