Where we were, where we are, and where we’re going

I’m not fond of cliches, for the simple reason that they’re cliches. I’ve seen 41 New Years Days now, and for several years, that’s exactly how I’ve come to see them – as cliches.

Years come, years go.

What really matters is what happens during those years, and 2013 was a rather good one for Photos to Space.

Our presence seems to be getting more notice. The concept of the virtual space trip is gaining popularity.

We also saw the publication of our first e-book, ‘Out There’. It’s off to a good start and, if all goes well, may even see hardcopy publication before too long.

In the meantime, we’ve begun the research and contact we’ll need for our next book. If our plan holds up to reality, that may be available as well by the end of 2014.

Also, though I can’t get too specific right now, we’re exploring some other opportunities and potential partnerships that might make the future that much more enjoyable for everyone we work with.

Other than that, 2014 will see continued photo flights, just as they’ve done for some time now.

I suspect that there will be more going on in the next 12 months that we simply don’t know about yet. Maybe some of it will happen within Photos to Space, but it’s also possible that we could hear about more scientific discoveries and advancements in private space.

Obviously we want Photos to Space to keep growing, but we also enjoy watching other private space companies succeed too. Private space seems unusual that way – there seems to be more cooperation between outfits than competition.

Given that, we’d like to hear how this last year has gone for you (and your company, if applicable) and what you’re expecting from 2014.

Let’s hope it treats us all well.



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