Which would you choose?

58850_10151670170752868_1850679494_nBack in 1964, Frank Sinatra engaged us with the most well-known recording of “Fly Me to the Moon”.

Do you think he would have made that request if he knew it was a one-way trip? Or if he would be permitted to sing only the first line of any song once he arrived?

NASA has taken the idea one step further with MAVEN, an upcoming unmanned Mars mission, and is offering the public a chance to send their name stored on a dvd to be placed aboard the craft. A contest is also being offered for a chance to send a haiku on the journey as well, but only 3 submissions will be chosen for the flight.

Now, you might think that this competes with what we do at Photos to Space, but it really doesn’t.

First off, our trips are not planned to be one-way, as is the case with the MAVEN flight. The photo you send is returned. Secondly, NASA isn’t sending photos, just as we don’t send your name.

However, as we do return your selection to you, this means we aren’t able to send your photo beyond orbit.


Besides, MAVEN won’t launch until later this year, and we’ve already had several flights.

We may someday have the ability to send your photo to another planet and back, or maybe someday send something other than a photo.

You may even be the one who makes that possible.



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