Zephram Cochrane

Glenn Corbett as Zephram Cochrane

Glenn Corbett as Zephram Cochrane

Back on 1/24, I posted a blog about scientific advances following the lead of fiction. Earlier today, Joe suggested expanding on one aspect of this, namely the likelihood that the world of Star Trek will ever become a reality.

So I became curious about what may be the most well-known element of that universe and looked up Zephram Cochrane.

In case the name doesn’t sound familiar, he was said to be the inventor of the Warp Drive, and according to Star Trek lore, he was (will be?) born this year.

Now, those who enjoy Star Trek as much as I do know that, while there is a good job of character development, the show and movies tend to revolve more around the technology and what the characters do with it than the characters themselves.

In the blog mentioned earlier, I had mentioned that at least some of the technology suggested by Gene Roddenberry is currently being developed.

Czech scientists have created a small-scale tractor beam.

Another group of scientists have successfully “transported” a photon from one point to another

Stephen Hawking himself really is doing research on making Warp Drive a reality.

Many of us encounter talking computers nearly every day.

Think about how many other pieces of technology are depicted. Shuttlecraft. Tricorders. Phasers. Holodecks.

Will those become real too?

That could be up to you.


Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount Pictures.


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