JP Aerospace

Sometimes the easiest way to go forward is to look backwards for ideas. JP Aerospace, founded in the 1970’s, adheres to this philosophy in their development of balloon-based lighter-than-air (LTA) suborbital vehicles.

Comprised entirely of volunteers, JP Aerospace strives to put suborbital projects in the hands of students and enthusiasts. Utilizing a 3-stage system of airships, each with particular capabilities, orbit will ultimately be achieved via use of an electric propulsion system.

In late 2011, JP Aerospace also set a new record for Airship Altitude. The Twin Balloons Airship flew to 95,085 feet (28,982 meters), breaking the previous record by nearly 4 miles (6.44 kilometers). Having inspired and involved thousands of volunteers to date, JP Aerospace continues to set new standards for the commercial spaceflight arena.



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