Team Prometheus

It’s not every day that anyone is given a chance to own part of an aerospace organization. Team Prometheus, based in Austin, TX, provides the opportunity to do exactly that. Funded mainly by member contributions, much in the same way public radio stations operate, Team Prometheus puts members in control of their various projects.

Focusing on Rockoon-based craft and sounding rockets, Team Prometheus has already made several successful test launches, climbing to at least 100,000 ft., with the goal of making space travel affordable to literally anyone of any income range who wishes to make the journey.

Members of Team Prometheus are encouraged not only to follow the progress of the various projects underway, but are also invited to take an active role in the development and execution of launch and recovery programs. This has the advantage of giving the members firsthand knowledge of what it takes to venture into space, as well as providing members with a learning experience that lasts a lifetime.



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