Virgin Galactic

Many children want to be astronauts when they grow up.  For most, this dream fades along with other childhood fantasies.  But not for Richard Branson.  30 years after being inspired by the Apollo 11 landing, Virgin Galactic was formed to give everyone a chance to see the stars in the daytime.
Nine short years later, the recently completed Spaceport America in New Mexico hosted the unveiling and perfect first flight of Virgin Mother Ship Eve, the “booster” for the leap beyond the sky, soon to be followed by the revelation of the VSS Enterprise, the ship that will, in the near future, be opening her doors to the “person on the street”.

In the next few years, Virgin Galactic will have surpassed the milestone of the first commercial spaceflight open to the general public.  With safety being the top priority, anyone will be able to not only return to the dreams of younger days, but be able to look downward upon the sky.



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