$1.49 Near Space Mission

Quench Your Thirst For Space!

Get involved in an awesome space adventure for only $1.49.

Imagine seeing the glint off a tiny jet airplane as it streaks through the sky at 37,000 feet. Only you’re looking straight down! We’ve partnered with Team Prometheus to bring you an incredible opportunity to get involved with your own near space mission. It’s easy to do and costs less that a bottle of soda!

Send your digital photo to the edge of space on a real experimental spacecraft. Lifted by a high altitude balloon, our craft’s sensors will record all kinds of information about the atmosphere while taking pictures the whole time. At apogee, the balloon bursts and the craft returns to Earth by parachute.

Gift This This Space Mission makes the perfect gift for the space buff in your family!

What’s Included In This Amazing Kit?

  • Electronic Data Log (EDL) with:
    Distance From Launch
    GPS track
  • Links to Awesome Digital Video and Photographs from nearly 20 miles up!
  • An Electronic Certificate of Participation with your picture embedded in the design!

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