Corn Ranch

Corn Ranch Spaceport, owned and operated by Blue Origin, is located near the small town of Van Horn, TX. While Blue Origin is remaining secretive about long-term plans for the facility, it’s reported that the goal is to host 52 launches per year, making Corn Ranch one of the most productive spaceports in the world.

Special Characteristics:
Corn Ranch Spaceport is situated on the site of a former ranch in western Texas, near the small town of Van Horn and is the property of Blue Origin.

Notable Events:
2006 – Jeff Bezos, CEO/Founder of Blue Origin, purchases the 290,000 acres that will come to be known as the Corn Ranch Spaceport.

2006 – Blue Origin conducts its first flight from the new facility.

25 miles north of Van Horn, TX, USA

31°2′33″N 104°49′59″W (approximate)

4,042 ft. (1,232 m)

Launch Capabilities:
Commercial Suborbital

Private Civilian (Blue Origin)

Launch Provider