Florida Spaceport

Founded in 1962, the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, FL, USA, has been the launch site for every manned US space flight since 1968. Operated by the US Government, the Kennedy Space Center includes the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, employs over 13,000 personnel and is home to the Vehicle Assembly Building, the 4th most voluminous structure in the world.

Special Characteristics:
The Kennedy Space Center is the primary launch facility for NASA, though regularly assists private firms with launch operations.

Notable Events:
1962 – Kennedy Space Center goes into operation as the primary launch facility for NASA, receiving its name after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who had been the driving force behind the US space research endeavors.

1969 – A Saturn V rocket lifts off carrying the Apollo 11 craft, destined to be the first manned lunar landing.

1981 – NASA conducts the first launch of the Space Shuttle program, sending the Columbia into orbit. This marks the first manned flight of a spacecraft that had no previous unmanned test flights.

Merritt Island, FL, USA

28°31′26.608″N 80°39′3.055″W

3 ft. (1 m)

Launch Capabilities:
Manned and Unmanned Orbital and Suborbital

United States Federal Government (NASA), to include limited commercial operations

Launch Provider