Mojave Spaceport

Located in south-central California, the Mojave Air and Spaceport is one of the first names to come to mind when discussing space travel. Situated close to Edwards AFB, it’s earned an excellent reputation as an ideal location for both vehicle testing and technology development.

Special Characteristics:
The Mojave Air and Spaceport is the first facility in the US to be approved for horizontal spaceflight launches. It is also known as a storage and graveyard facility for conventional aircraft.

Notable Events:
1942 – Construction begins on the USMC Auxiliary Air Station at Mojave.
1975 – The first of dozens of test flights for various aircraft is carried out.
2004 – SpaceShipOne claims the X Prize after twice reaching an altitude of 100 km.

Mojave, CA, USA

35°03′34″N 118°09′06″W

2,791 ft. (851 m)

Launch Capabilities:
Manned and Unmanned Suborbital


Launch Providers