Vandenberg Airforce Base

Vandenberg AFB, previously known as Cooke AFB, has been instrumental in space exploration and platform testing since 1959. A US Army base until 1953, it was revitalized in 1957 by the Air Force and put into service as a missile base, paving the way for its duties today as a base of space exploration.

Special Characteristics:
Vandenberg AFB was selected as the West Coast landing and launch center for the Space Shuttle, but was not called upon to serve as such.

Notable Events:
1959 – The US launches its first polar-orbiting satellite from Vandenberg AFB.
1972 – Vandenberg AFB is named as the secondary base for Space Shuttle operations.
1995 – The California Spaceport is created at Vandenberg
2011 – SpaceX announces intentions to revive one of the older launch towers for use with the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle.

Lompoc, CA, USA

34°43′58″N 120°34′05″W

369 ft. (112 m)

Launch Capabilities:
Manned and Unmanned Suborbital and Orbital

United States Military and Commercial

Launch Provider