You’re Almost Ready To Fly!

Just 3 more steps and you’ll be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime!

1) Sign in

If you’ve flown with us before, please sign in at the right side of this screen. If this is your first visit to Photos to Space, your account will be created automatically when you sign up for your free flight.

2) Pick a Photo

Before you begin, make sure you have picked out a photo that you want to send to space. It should be located on the computer you are using.

3) Fill Out The Form Below

One more step…just enter your information in the form you see below and select the photo you’d like to send into space.

Your coupon code should appear in the space provided. If you don’t see the code here, you can just copy and paste it from your email.

When you hit ‘Launch!’, your photo will be uploaded to our storage unit and be ready to fly!

After your photo returns to Earth, you’ll receive a digital certificate with your name and the photo you selected as a memento of your flight. You’ll also receive a record of the flight which will include information such as the altitude and a photo of the Earth taken from the launch vehicle, so that you’ll have a reminder of your adventure and something you can show all your friends and family.

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